Announcing Beatstream

I like to take on a lot (too many) side-projects and here is one of my latest ones: Beatstream. The idea was to stream my own music over the web from my home to my work computer—or any other place with a Web browser! During a three month span it has developed to a nice little music player I use daily—and others too :)

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Sublime Text 2 tips

Sublime Text 2 is an awesome editor. The combination of a big feature set, cross-platform compatibility and extensibility really sells it to me. I’ve collected here some of my stuff related to Sublime Text 2...

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OSX Tips and Tricks

1. Proper finnish keyboard layout

I've been using a different finnish keyboard layout since the beginning, because the default finnish OSX keyboard layout is horrible. Can't remember where I found this or if...

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Responsive Web Design Demystified

In this article, you get a gentle introduction to the world of responsive web design. You’ll:

  • Learn exactly what responsive design is, and why it’s useful
  • Look at the difference between the terms “responsive design” and “adaptive design”
  • Take an existing fluid layout and convert it into a responsive layout that looks good on all screens, from mobile to widescreen desktop, and
  • See how media queries and the viewport meta tag can help you build responsive layouts.

Ready to explore the world of responsive design?

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